Articles written by: Tamara Chapman

Engineering school launches program in electric power and energy systems

Behind every blazing light bulb, humming computer and thrumming refrigerator is a complex system that generates, transmits and distributes electric power. And behind that complex system is a dwindling cadre of skilled engineers with the expertise to ensure that the juice keeps flowing. “There is a shortage of graduates who […]

“Colorado Experience” will feature the University of Denver in a new episode premiering Feb. 27.

DU history episode kicks off new season of RMPBS’ ‘Colorado Experience’

Editor’s Note: For those who missed the February broadcast of Rocky Mountain PBS’ “Colorado Experience: University of Denver,” the episode is posted below. In addition, Chancellor Robert Coombe sat down with RMPBS CEO Doug Price to discuss his pending retirement and years as the institution’s chief executive on the Feb. […]

Interview: Luc Beaudoin, associate provost for internationalization

Interview: Luc Beaudoin, associate provost for internationalization

As the University’s associate provost for internationalization, Luc Beaudoin oversees the Office of International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS), the English Language Center (ELC) and the Office of International Education, which administers study abroad programs. Beaudoin sat down with the University of Denver Magazine to discuss DU’s internationalization efforts. This […]

Senior fuses biology and geography in study of health care

Senior fuses biology and geography in study of health care

When senior Jacqueline Smith came to the University of Denver four years ago, she intended to prepare for a career as a physician. “Originally I wanted to go to med school,” she recalls. “I’d always wanted to since I was a child.” That goal shifted over time, as she took […]

Anthropology museum exhibit explores Rwandan genocide 20 years later

Twenty years ago this April, as today’s undergraduates were cutting their first teeth and pronouncing their first words, a private jet carrying the presidents of Rwanda and Burundi was shot down near Rwanda’s capitol city of Kigali. In combustible Rwanda, where tensions between the predominant ethnic groups — the Hutus […]

Korbel directors team up for book on the ‘Syria dilemma’

Korbel directors team up for book on the ‘Syria dilemma’

Editor’s note: In a recent New York Times op-ed, Nader Hashemi and Danny Postel of the University of Denver’s Center for Middle East Studies argue that it’s time to use force to save starving Syrians.  Their acclaimed book, “The Syria Dilemma,” puts the country’s challenges in context. For the world’s […]

An interdisciplinary faculty-student-robot research team based out of the Daniel Felix Ritchie School of Engineering and Computer Science is conducting a pilot study exploring whether humanoid robots like NAO can improve social and communication skills in children with autism spectrum disorders. Photo: Wayne Armstrong

Tech-savvy research team aims to help kids with autism disorders

A year ago, when her son Bobby, now 10, was first diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD), Jamie Lee wasn’t surprised. “By age 2, he didn’t crawl,” she recalls. “And there were other developmental issues.” Although she wasn’t taken aback by the diagnosis, she was daunted by the parenting […]

Susan Claassen has staged her one-woman show “A Conversation With Edith Head” all over the world. Photo: Tim Fuller

Alumna pays tribute to a show-biz legend

When she died — in 1981, at the age of 83 — costume designer Edith Head was, in show-biz parlance, a tough act to follow. In her decades-long Hollywood career, Head won a whopping eight Oscars and dressed everyone from Ginger Rogers and Bette Davis to Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor […]

Interterm course explores Denver dynamics

Many American cities — count Denver among them — are enjoying a renaissance. The best of them are laboratories for livability, hives of collaboration and hubs for innovation. Other cities — Detroit, say — are beset by seemingly insurmountable challenges. They’re mired in social problems, stymied by budget shortfalls and […]

Lowenstein artworks on display at DU’s Academic Commons

Lowenstein artworks on display at DU’s Academic Commons

For Denver art lovers, history buffs and theater aficionados, a new exhibit at the University of Denver’s Anderson Academic Commons offers an embarrassment of riches. The exhibit — on display Nov. 15 through March 16 — provides visitors a rare glimpse at a number of paintings by the late Maria […]